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  • A convenient feeding option (no refrigeration needed & easier storage)
  • The process of chewing dry kibble provides various oral health benefits
  • A more economically friendly choice
  • Dry kibble creates less waste than canned food

Grain-free pet food products align with a pet’s natural instinct to consume a protein-rich diet. In addition, many pets suffer from grain allergies or gut issues. Consuming a grain-free diet can help combat certain intestinal sensitivities. Pet owners, who have made the switch to grain-free dog food, have repeatedly reported a number of benefits. Pet parents want to make sure the food they feed their dogs and cats has the key nutrients needed for a healthy life. Each WildernessLegend recipe contains unique ingredients especially selected for optimal nutrition.

We internationally well-known flagship brand of NutriEdge International Inc with world-class manufacturing facilities from the US, France, and Taiwan. Our brand is also a winner of the LuxLifeLife Awards for best pet food.

We are the manufacturer and distributor of all our products and pet parents are requested to purchase from any nearby pet food stores at your location. Our products are available in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and a few other countries. Contact us for more information.